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Industrial Degreasers
Cleaning Chemicals
  General Purpose Cleaners: These are hard-surface cleaners with a variety of industrial, janitorial, and maintenance uses.

Glass Cleaners: These products are designed to clean glass and mirrors without haze or streaking. Arrochem offers glass cleaners with and without ammonia in various concentrations.

Food Service Specialty: These cleaning products are intended for use in industrial and commercial kitchen environments.

Tile & Bowl Cleaners: These products are formulated to remove dirt, grime, and hard water deposits from porcelain and ceramic tile and other surfaces.

Drain Maintenance Products: These products open clogged drains and maintain plumbing systems to keep them clog-free.

Floor Maintenance: Arrochem offers several products for cleaning and stripping all types of hard surface floors.

Specialty Cleaners and Polishes: These products clean, polish and protect a variety of specific surfaces.

Hand Soaps: Arrochem offers hand soaps to meet variety of needs. All are non-drying and safe for daily use. Available in liquid and powder form.

Laundry: These products are for industrial and commercial laundry use.

Precision Cleaner
Removers and Strippers
Pressure/Steam Cleaning Chemicals
Defoamers and Water Treatment Chemicals
Printing Products
Surface Restoration Chemicals
Industrial Lubricants and Metalworking Fluids
Chemicals For Cleaning and Protecting Metal
Automotive Chemicals
Environmetally Friendly Chemicals
Other Industrial Products
Chemical Handling Equipment
Custom Blends