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  Flexo Ink Cleaners: Arrochem offers powder, liquid and super-concentrated alternatives for safe cleanup of flexographic ink in a pressroom environment. Arrochem Flexo Ink Cleaners have been the choice of high volume printers of corrugated packaging for decades. They offer a combination of value and effectiveness unmatched in the industry.

Ink Removing Hand Cleaners: This product is specially formulated to remove both water-based and solvent-based inks from skin. It's very effective, yet gentle on hands.

Degreasers: These are the degreasers Arrochem recommends for a pressroom environment.

Solvent Blanket Washes: These premium quality products are specially formulated for cleanup of solvent-based printing inks. They have been widely used for many years and continue to represent the best and most cost effective solution on the market.

Doctor Blades: These UHMW Polyethylene wiper blades do a better job than steel at much lower cost. They are available in a variety of width / diameter combinations.

Screen Wash: These products are designed to clean printing screens.
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