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Enzyme Cleaners and Digesters
Arrochem offers a variety of enzyme cleaners and digesters that employ different strains of natural enzymes to break down soils and eliminate odors. Enzyme cleaners are both highly effective and safe for the environment, so they make a great alternative to traditional cleaners.

Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder
To clean and maintain drains and septic systems use Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder. When introduced into a system, the natural enzymes in Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder cling to soils and surfaces, and multiply as they digest and break down oils, fats, starches, carbohydrates, and fiber. Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder can be manually poured into drains or added by means of automatic drip systems in commercial applications. Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder is also used to eliminate oils from industrial wastewater.
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Arroworks Enzyme Drain Cleaner Powder
With high enzyme content and proprietary additives, this powder drain cleaner is effective and efficient. Enzyme Drain Cleaner Powder can be used in the same applications as Arroworks Enzyme Digester Powder.
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Enzyme 309XL Treatment & Cleaner
A powerful enzyme cleaner for spot cleaning carpets and fabrics, and for a variety of bathroom and kitchen cleaning and deodorizing jobs. Enzyme 309 Treatment & Cleaner is also the perfect enzyme cleaner for automobile interiors, including carpet, upholstery, headliners, and hard surfaces.
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Industrial Enzyme Cleaner & Degreaser
Industrial duty enzyme cleaner, powerful enough for degreasing heavy equipment and machinery, engines, shop floors, etc. Industrial Enzyme Cleaner and Degreaser makes a great replacement for hazardous or toxic degreasers. Also available in a 100% active super concentrated form.
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Floor Bright Liquid Enzyme Cleaner
Enzyme cleaner specifically designed to thoroughly clean floors without leaving residue. Floorbright Enzyme Liquid Cleaner works well in automatic scrubbers. Highly recommended for epoxy coated floors.
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