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Natural Citrus Cleaners
Arrochem manufactures a variety of industrial, janitorial, and maintenance products using d'limonene, a natural solvent extracted from citrus peel. Citrus cleaners are an effective and environmentally responsible alternative to harsh chemicals and traditional solvents that cause ozone pollution. Their natural citrus aroma makes them pleasant to use. Arrochem also offers private label citrus cleaners.

Arrochem General Purpose Citrus Cleaner
Ready-to-use aqueous natural citrus cleaner. Use on hard surfaces indoors or out. Safe for most painted surfaces too.
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Industrial Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser Super Concentrate
Powerful aqueous citrus cleaner originally formulated for heavy degreasing and hard surface cleaning in the metalworking and automotive industries. Can be diluted for use as an all-purpose cleaner for a variety industrial/commercial/institutional uses. Also available as a 100% active super concentrate.
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Orangeworks 3
High-content emulsion of natural citrus solvent. An excellent solvent replacement for toxic or high-VOC solvent cleaners. May also be used to dissolve glues and adhesives. May be diluted with water if desired.
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Citrus Mastic Remover
Specialized high-content natural citrus product for removing black mastic and other tile and flooring adhesives. Works better than many toxic chlorinated solvent strippers, plus it's safe and has a pleasant natural citrus scent. May be diluted with water if desired.
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Arroworks Orange Floating Degreaser
High-content natural citrus solvent blend designed to float on top of wastewater to emulsify oils and eliminate odors. May also be used to replace some hazardous solvents. Arroworks Orange Floating Degreaser cannot be diluted with water.
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