Q. How long has ArroChem been in business? 
A. ArroChem was incorporated in 1979. 

Q. What is "Toll Blending"? 
A. Toll Blending: chemical raw materials supplied by the customer and blended at ArroChem according to their specifications for a set fee or toll. 

Q. Why should I consider having my products toll blended at ArroChem? 
A. If your company is currently manufacturing chemical products, ArroChem's Toll Blending Services can benefit you in many ways you may not have considered: reduce overhead & expenses, decrease liability associated with producing hazardous chemicals, relieve seasonal production capacity, decrease workers comp claims, lower insurance premiums, downsize under-utilized workforce, improve quality and consistency, and ease regulatory concerns like EPA, OSHA, and DOT. 

Q. What is "Private Labeling"? 
A. Private Labeling: labeling, producing, and packaging customers products at ArroChem using the customer's label, container, and shipping papers. 

Q. Does ArroChem sign confidentiality agreements? 
A. Yes, we have standard agreements that protect your customers and your products. 

Q. Where is Mt. Holly, NC? 
A. Mount Holly is strategically located in the Southeastern United States approximately 5 miles west of Charlotte, NC. 

Q. I'm interested in selling a particular product but do not have a formula, can ArroChem help? 
A. Yes, ArroChem has thousands of formulas that can be modified to suit your specific needs.

Q. Does ArroChem sell to individuals? 
A. No, ArroChem sells only to industrial users and distributors. 

Q. I am currently using a product that is irritating to my employees, can ArroChem formulate a safer alternative that is just as effective? 
A. Yes, we can evaluate what is causing the problem and design a new product that addresses your specific concerns. 

Q. What industries does ArroChem sell to or specialize in? 
A. ArroChem specializes in developing custom chemical formulations that meet customers needs in any industry with opportunity. Our growth and diversification over the past 25 years is based on applying the same product development model to old and new industries alike. 

Q. What is ArroChem's normal lead-time to ship an order? 
A. Most orders are shipped within 24 to 48 hours. 

Q. How do I become an ArroChem distributor? 
A. Simply give our General Manager a call and we can discuss the possibilities. Let us know what type of products you want to sell, what geographic area you will be selling to, and what market information you have gathered about your customer base. 

Q. I am currently selling a product to a customer in the South Eastern United States, but I am paying freight from the Mid-West. Can ArroChem act as my "East Coast facility" and drop-ship to my customer? 
A. Yes we can! We have been doing this successfully for years and saving our customers thousands of dollars in freight bills. 

Q. What is ArroChem's minimum order? 
A. $300 

Q. How many Sales Representatives does ArroChem have? 
A. ArroChem doesn't have a large sales force because we work primarily through distributors. Our distributors know this and are confident that our sales people will not be calling on their customers directly.

Q. I need technical support. Does ArroChem have a chemist on staff?
A. Yes, we have highly trained and experienced chemists and two laboratories on site. We pride ourselves in being able to answer customer's questions and resolve problems. 

Q. I am interested in trying some of ArroChem's products, can I get a sample? 
A. Yes, samples are available, although we do not accept e-mail sample requests at this time. Please give us a call to place your sample request today!

Q. What paperwork do I need to submit prior to placing an order? 
A. Please fill out the Contact form here so we may better assist you.

Q. Does ArroChem accept credit cards? 
A. Yes, for your convenience we accept all major credit cards including: Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. If you plan to pay by credit card we require that you complete and submit a Credit Card Authorization Form before the initial order can be processed. This form protects against unauthorized charges by allowing you to make stipulations as to whether the card may be used for future orders, which parties within your organization are authorized to place orders, etc. You will not be required to submit this form again unless you would like to use a different card or your card expires.

Q. Does Arrochem offer credit terms? 
A. We are always happy to review customers request for credit terms. We would prefer for you to fill out our credit application, but we will accept your standard company form if it contains all of the requested information. We take many factors into consideration in the credit decision process including: length of time in business, credit references, D&B rating, and several other criteria. Each application is carefully reviewed and we will let you know if your company qualifies for credit terms. This process generally takes between three to five business days to complete.

Q. Can I get credit terms on my first order? 
A. Our policy is that all customers must pay for the first order by credit card, cash, company check (hold till clear), cashier check, or wire transfer. Following the first order, if you would like credit terms, we are happy to consider your credit application.

Q. Are product prices posted on ArroChem's website? 
A. No, due to the continual fluctuations in the market for containers and chemicals we cannot maintain an updated product price sheet online . Please call our office or contact us via e-mail and we will be happy provide you with a specific price quote. Some information that you may want to have ready is: the product name, the desired container size, monthly projected volumes, typical order quantity and the shipping destination address.

Q. How does ArroChem quote private labeling, toll blending and custom blending projects? 
A. These projects are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact our Sales Manager for assistance.

Q. Does ArroChem have distributors outside of the U.S.? 
A. Currently we do not have distributors outside the US, but we do ship internationally. If you would like a freight quote on a specific product or project please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

Q. Do you have a list of chemicals that you do not blend or handle? 
A. Yes, here are some of the most popular items that we are asked to blend that we do not handle: